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Gantt Chart Project for JIRA is a native and professional JIRA plugin, which extends the JIRA platform to provide a set of key project management facilities using Gantt-Chart to meet  enterprise requirements. In detail, it implements the most powerful  project planning features of Microsoft Project and a real-time development tracking solution. 

Basic features

  • Customizable issue spreadsheet
  • Timeline display configuration: Zoom to Fit, Pre-defined useful timeline ranges and User defined timeline range
  • Powerful filter solutions based on: Assignee, Issue type, Component, Version, Issue Status, Indication and Keyword filter
  • Reset to Today location
  • Dynamic "Start date" and "End date" analyze algorithm
  • Issue Dependency Management
  • Zoom
  • JIRA Agile awareVersions/Components displayed in Tree based on parent relationshp, Start/End date for version.
  • Sub-task and N-level containment support
  • Large project support
  • Mutiple time zones 
  • SpreadSheet Customizable Outline display

Advanced features

  • ...

More features will come in the future release

The supported Web browsers: 

  • IE 9 for JIRA 5.x, IE 8/9 for JIRA 4.x
  • FireFox 3.x, 4.x, ..., 10.x
  • Chrome 11.0.x, 12.x, ..., 17.x
  • Safari 5.0.5

The basic features are FREE for everyone and Forever only with self-hosted JIRA. It is not available for JIRA Cloud. The advanced features are Free for evaluation purpose in commercial licenses of JIRA.

Note: The Free License is required to use this plugin for free. The pricing of commercial license can be found here..

For commercial license, you can purchase it from Soyatec or Atlassian Marketplace. For Soyatec's license, you need to install the plugin "Gantt Chart Project for JIRA - Free". And for Atlassian's license, you need the plugin "Gantt Chart Project for JIRA - Marketplace".  

To get started, please read our documentation pages on the right.

Note: The version 1.x supports for JIRA 4.x. The version 2.x works for JIRA 5.x. We will keep to support both and develop new features in the two branches. 

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