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This SLA is an information of intent and does not engage Soyatec in anyway. Please refer to the General EULA license for more information. As with any software product - it is recommended that you back up your database and test ANY new software on a non-production system prior to installing in a production system.

Support Includes

  • Incident Support - Identifying and troubleshooting problems in the system

  • Assistance with issues during installation

  • Assistance with issues during upgrades

  • Guidance around implementation and configuration of our add-ons

  • Support in English.

Support Does Not Include

  • Customers without a valid maintenance agreement
  • Customers using unsupported versions of Atlassian products
  • Third-party application integrations or third-party plugins not distributed or sold by Soyatec.
  • Product Training

SLA for initial response to support queries

As a general rule - we, Soyatec, are available for any questions, concerns, issues etc through our support channel at as well as by reporting issues to
All commercial Customers with a valid maintenance agreement can acquire an account of our system tracking per writting request by email. The request must be sent to with a subject in the following format:"Open Account on Gantt chart Project for JIRA - <License ID from Soyatec or SEN form Atlassian Marketplace>". Any email doesn't respect this rule may be ignored.  


Criteria for Classification

Time to first response for issues

Level 1 

  • Critical blocking issues that most users cannot use JIRA correctly.

Reported during business hours (8am-6pm CET from Monday to Friday, excluding France Holidays) within 15 minutes in email or by phone.

All other times

by 9am CET next business day (but we strive for within 12 hours)

Level 2 

  • Moderate issues of add-on functionality or performance resulting in multiple users impacted in their normal functions.

Reported during business hours (8am-6pm CET from Monday to Friday, excluding France Holidays)
within 4 hours

All other times

by 10am CET next business day (but we strive for within 12 hours)

Level 3 
  • Minor loss of add-on functionality
  • Issues encountered in a non-production environment.
within 2 business days
Level 4
  • Product feature questions
  • Product modification or enhancement requests
within 3 business days

Soyatec Responsibilities

  • Soyatec will provide any information regarding workarounds during the bug-fix period, if available.
  • Soyatec may, at our sole discretion, provide you with a patched version of the add-on in case of a Level 1 or 2 issue. This patch may be delivered outside of the Atlassian marketplace download mechanisms.
  • Soyatec will publicly release updates resolving Level 1 and 2 issues in the next maintenance release. Maintenance release schedules are not predetermined and are cut on an as needed fashion.
  • Soyatec will schedule Level 3 and 4 issues/requests according to priority. Priority decisions are made by Soyatec employees based on a number of factors which are subject to change.

Customer responsibilities

  • Customers are responsible for maintaining their Atlassian applications and keeping their Atlassian product versions up-to-date.
  • Customers are responsible for applying the correct versions of the Add-Ons for their Atlassian product instance. There is no vendor provided support for issues with our Add-Ons applied to unsupported versions of Atlassian product instances. 
  • Customers are responsible for testing any new installation or new version of the Soyatec add-on in a non-production environment before applying it to a production environment. Any data loss is the responsibility of the customer.
  • Customers are responsible for communicating issues to Soyatec through our support channel at or by reporting issues to
  • Customers should can contact us by email. The email must contain a subject with the product name "Gantt chart Project for JIRA" and suffixed by the suffix of your license identifient: LID if the from Soyatec and SEN from Atlassian Marketplace. Any email doesn't respect this rule may be ignored or traited as a free user in low priority.   

Help with unsupported issues

Databases and Application Servers

Atlassian provides integration instructions for getting their products to work on supported platforms, but we do not support configurations that differ from the procedures described in the Atlassian product documentation. We test on common platform combinations. However, we expect that you test our add-on in a development environment in order to ensure that your platform combination runs without issues. If you do encounter issues in any environment, please provide us feedback via or

Atlassian Beta Releases, Development Releases, Release candidates

Soyatec does not offer support for milestone or beta releases nor support release candidates of Atlassian products. 

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