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Gantt Chart Project for JIRA is a native and professional JIRA plugin, which extends the JIRA platform to provide a set of key project management facilities using Gantt-Chart to meet  enterprise requirements. In detail, it implements the most powerful  project planning features of Microsoft Project and a real-time development tracking solution. 

Basic features

  • Customizable issue spreadsheet
  • Timeline display configuration: Zoom to Fit, Pre-defined useful timeline ranges and User defined timeline range
  • Powerful filter solutions based on: Assignee, Issue type, Component, Version, Issue Status, Indication and Keyword filter
  • Reset to Today location
  • Dynamic "Start date" and "End date" analyze algorithm
  • Issue Dependency Management
  • Zoom
  • JIRA Agile awareVersions/Components displayed in Tree based on parent relationshp, Start/End date for version.
  • Sub-task and N-level containment support
  • Large project support
  • Mutiple time zones 
  • SpreadSheet Customizable Outline display

Advanced features

  • ...

More features will come in the future release


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