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Jira Server / Cluster

In the situation of On-premises Jira Server mode, all data created and used by our plugin are stored in JIRAJira, they are the configuration of our plugin, Working Schedules, Shared Contexts and Personal settings. They are secured directly by the backup services of JIRAJira.

In the configuration of Cluster, all data are synchronized transparently by JIRA servicesJira services


Jira Cloud


OnDemand is Jira Cloud is the hosting platform designed and used by us to deliver Atlassian applications as a service. Our plugin extends this platform by providing a capability for the project management in this environment. In this environment, each gantt chart uses two kinds of data: JIRA Data Jira Data and

Nature of DataDescriptionStorage
Jira DataThe data comes from
Jira such as Project, User, Issues, Workflow, Security Scheme, Working log, etc They are hosted by the
Jira Cloud Plafform. They are volatile for our add-on They aren't stored in our Add-on server
Add-on DataThe data is nothing with
Jira artefacts. In other words, they aren't not used by
Jira. They are created and used by our Add-On. The data consists of the configuration of our plugin, Working Schedules, Shared Contexts and Personal settings.The storage of these data is managed by our Add-on

Data Storage

Each subscriber's OnDemand applications Jira Cloud applications using our plugin are physically located on a server in a dedicated server hosted in Amazon's Elastic Cloud, our data center and hosting provider. This data center provides power, network and backup services. Soyatec owns the servers and is responsible for provisioning, monitoring, and managing the servers, and for providing support to OnDemand subscribersJira Cloud subscribers.


Access to the data centers is limited to authorized personnel only. Our data center is located in Tokyo, and it can be relocated anywhere. It is possible to extend the capability as needed.


NOTE: This Security Statement applies to Soyatec's OnDemand Jira Cloud services. For questions regarding Soyatec's legacy hosted services, please contact us.