• A JIRA server compatible with this plugin
  • Java 1.5 or +
  • Using one of the following supported Web browser: IE 8/9, FireFox 3.6.x or +, Opera 11.50 or +, 
  • Chrome 11.0.x or + and Safari 5.0.5 or +.


This plugin is version-2 OSGi-plugin compliant of Atlassian. It can be installed easily during run-time by

using Atlassian's Universal Plugin Manager. Or it is still possible to install it manually if you don't use UPM.

Using Universal Plugin Manager

  • Make sure the Universal Plugin Manager is already installed in your JIRA server. Otherwise, you need to read this page to install it.
  • Follow the UPM instructions to install this plugin.
  • Restart JIRA

Manual Installation

If the UPM is not installed in your JIRA server, you can install it manually:

1. Download the jar file of this plugin and putting it into the application folder "jira-home/plugins/installed-plugins".

2. Restart JIRA

Note: Keep in mind that the restart of JIRA is necessary after the installation of this plugin.

Note: in case of upgrading to a new version of JIRA Gantt chart project, your browser's each needs to be emptied. Here is a document for all browsers:

Clear Your Browser's Cache ('s-Cache)  


If the plugin gets installed successfully, you should find an additional administration session named as

"Time Planning" as below:


If you have a project, you should find a new Tab "Time Planning":